Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Zip It!

Have you closed a zipper today? On a pair of jeans, perhaps, or a purse?

We have too many sleeping bags that have yards of zipper closures....there are Zip-loc baggies that hold our potato chips (otherwise known as "crisps.") and sandwiches for lunch.

Otherwise, we have buttons and hooks and Velcro to hold things together.

But if you're Dr. Evil:

Which quickly brings us to:

Or something like this:

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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Week 57--Garden

Life is wonderful when you attack it with gusto and a fair amount of humor. This week's entries are a case study in wonderful.

From Arkansas, Freebird sent this offering in her trademark beads. She wrote:

Happy belated Mothers day, hope yours was a good one.  I chilled out and beaded me a garden! But I went different (as always) for this weeks theme.  I am not a flower garden kinda person.  I don't mind flowers, they are pretty but if I don't get flowers for Mother's day or my birthday it does not bother me.  Because I have an uncanny ability to kill any plant by looking at it!  At least it seems that way.  LOL  

So for this week's theme I decided to think of a big-sized garden.  The Garden State.  New Jersey! You can thank hockey for giving me the idea!  I was watching a game and the announcer commented on the fact that The New Jersey Devils were from the Garden state! 

We find that hilarious as we are from the Garden State. New Jersey has two personalities, North, near New York City and South, near Philadelphia. The Jersey Devils are based out of Newark, which is in North Jersey. Being from South Jersey, we grew up on the Philadelphia Flyers, particularly the Broad Street Bullies--Bobby Clark and Bernie Parent--that won the Stanley Cup in the Seventies. You see, we're hockey fans, too! And it's the Stanley Cup playoffs right now!

Our offering is intended to be humorous. If I'm getting blamed for something that has shared responsibility, I say, "Here, Have an apple." This modern Eve has an apple on an Apple.

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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

I'd Like to be With You

While working on the inspiration for this week's idea, we've been humming along with the Beatles' song about an underwater garden...

The Octopus's Garden
Interpreted by the Lone Beader
Oh, the fantastic artwork we found on the subject of gardens of all varieties!
There is the original garden:

And some trouble over an apple. This one was painted by Thomas Cole in 1828 and resides at the MFA, Boston.

There was a "Secret Garden," filmed in black and white in 1949. This is a publicity photo for the Toronto Film Festival:

There are indoor gardens created for a week or two while the IDEA of anything actually growing is just a figment of one's imagination:

From the Chelsea Flower Show.

And some lovely quilted permanent gardens:

Ah, the mind reels with scrumptious colours and ideas!
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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Week 56--Ocean

This week's prompt was big, big as the ocean. How to squeeze such a large area into two inches? Let's see!

Freebird sent a mermaid!  She writes,

I tried to make it look like she is floating in the water.  I also tried to make the water look like it is moving.  ( I don't think that came out how I wanted it but still! LOL).

Our official response was taken from our walls. The signature reads 1978. It's really a large needlepoint painting that I must've done when I had the patience for such things!

And THAT'S how you squeeze the ocean into four-square inches!

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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Big Blue Marble

Ever watch Seinfeld? There's one episode where George gets to pretend to be a marine biologist and saves a whale. You know the one? Go here for his closing monologue. Hilarious.

This time of year is focused on saving whales and saving the planet. We learned in the primary grades that Earth is three-quarters water, which means we need to take care of all that water for the health of everything and everyone on the planet.
Earth Day Flag
Created from image by Apollo 17 Space Mission
A friend of ours, Ron Watkins, is an underwater photographer and through his images brings that message home.

He just won an award for this image he calls, "One in a Million:"

One in a Million
Jellyfish in Alaska
Photograph by Ron E. Watkins

Isn't that cool? It's worth the while to see all the award-winning photographs for The Atlantic's 2017 Underwater Photography of the Year, so check it out!

These are Ron's own words on his craft, from a 2012 interview:

Life is short so make the most of it. I have been fortunate to pursue my passions and experience some wonderful places in my life. Another one of my passions is preserving the ocean and all of its inhabitants. I use my art to increase awareness of the reefs and marine life. The oceans support a diverse and important marine ecosystem which humans depend on. 

I hope that by people seeing my images, they will take more of an interest in the conservation of this fragile natural resource. 

If you're more of a tangly person, check out Laura Harms' art blog challenge this week and see why she calls Earth, "Amanda." Perhaps, combine these two challenges? 

There's plenty of inspiration available for this week's twinchie. Oh, yeah, the word is, "ocean."

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Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Week 55--Key

The word this week was, "key." Are you like us and have a can of keys to cars and houses that you haven't owned in a lifetime? NO? We thought everybody did!

Freebird sent this beaded artwork of filigree keys, isn't it delightful? What wondrous doors they must open!

Our official response is a collage:

I guess you'll just have to visit the artists' blogs to see what they had in mind in creating these mini artworks! Be sure to do that or even better, try your hand at this twinchie challenge!

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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Key Words

You can have the keys to the city or the keys to success, You can have the key to someone's heart or tap your heartfelt thoughts on a keyboard. You need keys to open a house or start a car and you probably carry around a set on a key chain full of little gadgets or toys.
What do you have keys to? What can you open with your keys? What do you think of with this week's word of "key?"
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