Thursday, March 12, 2015

New Challenge Blog!

Hopefully you're as excited as I am to have a Twinchie Challenge. I like working in a two by two inch square (or roughly five centimeters, if I got the math right). It's enough space to get creative and for me the end result usually decorates my refrigerator.

You can choose whatever artform you wish. The major parameter is: keep your mini-masterpiece to Two Inches.

My faves are photography, digital designs, paper collage and Zentangles (or ZIAs), but that's just me. I know that just about anything is fair game--paper, foil, clay, fabric, beads, paint--the choices are fairly endless. I may make some challenges based on media or materials just because I need to stretch some artistic muscles.
Please keep it fairly PC, okay?

Until I get the kinks worked out, this will be bi-weekly (of course it's every TWO weeks!). The deadline for entries will be TWO pm on the designated Tuesday, my local time--that's Arizona (USA) time, which never wavers from Mountain Standard Time or GMT -07:00. (You can always try the challenges as the spirit moves you...)

Since I haven't figured out a link mechanism, send the images or links to the images to me:
I'll organize the responses and post them here the following Tuesday. I'm also creating a Flickr Group so they can be linked up there; it's my only nod to social media outlets. I also welcome suggestions on the prompts--let me know!

I look forward to seeing where this takes us and creating together!

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