Monday, April 27, 2015

Awaiting the New Royal

If "We" had been paying attention to the Royal calendar, perhaps "We" would have realized that perhaps "royal" should have been employed last time to celebrate Her Majesty the Queen's 89th birthday on April 21. (We got the alert from Adele at IAST). Perhaps all can be forgiven as a) the official birthday celebration occurs in June so as to enjoy fair weather for a parade in her honor and b) there is the anticipation of the birth of Will and Kate's second child, which we just found out will be announced first on Twitter.
OMG! We are flush with excitement!

Will and Kate's Official Wedding Photograph
Mind you, the British monarchy is not the only royal family on the planet, but it's the first that comes to mind. And, actually, when we were thinking of words, we were actually thinking in color--purple or blue, for instance. Red is highly associated with royalty, including capes and crowns and the Queen's famous red boxes for her correspondence. (And if we ever are feeling overwhelmed with our "busy" schedule, we're going to re-read "A Day in the Life of the Queen.")
King Me!
More than a few companies employ "Royal" in their nomenclature. Are any of these familiar to you?

We know there are more, but we could be here all day instead of creating "royal" works of art!
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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Week 3--Georgia

You just never know how the mood will strike--or when. The word for this week was "Georgia." If you've been singing "Georgia on my Mind" all week, you are not alone!

Ann from Denmark sent a lovely watercolor with glittery gelly roll accents:

Georgia on my Mind
by Ann

You can see all her creativity on her blog. (Ann is quite multi-talented; we really like what she's been crocheting lately).

Well that's just Peachy
by Cheryl

Sonya Rose after Georgia O'Keefe
by Cheryl
These are our attempts. If the printer feels like printing today, they'll become fridge magnets. (If not, they're still here and here for the enjoyment of all!)
Thanks for visiting. What do YOU see when Georgia's on YOUR mind? Until next time....

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Georgia on my Mind

We just love words that have multiple meanings. There's a name for words that can have different definitions depending on whether they are Capital Letter Important Proper Nouns or lower case nouns, but for our life can't remember what that is.
For instance--the difference between China, capital "C" and china, lower case "c." 
We're not sure where Georgia fits in on all that as all the examples we found for inspiration were all proper nouns, but the word evokes many possibilities. (And don't think that we won't be visiting China/china in the near future!)
When we think of Georgia, the American state, our first thought is peaches! They can grow here in the desert Southwest, but we haven't tried that yet. But Georgia is proud of their fruit. And they should be!
Then there's the landscapes of the low country; old plantations on the Atlantic coast with oak trees spilling Spanish moss from their branches:

On the other side of the world is a totally different Georgia, part of what used to be the USSR:

As artists living in the desert Southwest, we can't ignore Georgia O'Keefe. She has quite an extensive portfolio of work and is mostly known for her flowers. We picked this one as it grows in our yard:
Trumpet Flower
(By the way, that's the bloom of the Sacred Datura. Every bit of it is poisonous. Pretty, deadly).

And if you've been humming along to the song like we have, the question is whose version? Ray Charles made it famous, but it's the gravely voice of Willie Nelson we hear! 
What are you thinking when you have Georgia on YOUR mind? Share your "Georgia" twinchies!

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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Week 2--Maze

Maze. Doolhof. Labyrinth(e). And then there's the whole rabbit warren thing that may bring to mind "Alice in Wonderland," depending on how it's translated.

Ann from Denmark offered her take on "maze," by creating a kaleidoscope of color:

Maze of Courant
by Ann
Great line work shows a good measure of patience, don't you agree? You can see what she's been up to on her blog.

Our responses this week are:

by Cheryl

by Cheryl
Perhaps another look at this is warranted, perhaps even in 3-D? Until then, "Who Moved my Cheese?" (Now, THERE'S a long story!). Until next time....