Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Week 10--Rain

Let's start with some humor shall we?
If April showers bring May flowers, what do May flowers bring?
Maybe we should stick with making art, hmm?
While we're secretly praying for weather--here in Arizona there's a fine line between some rain and way too much--and keeping an eye on the sky, we're enjoying the work that our artists have created to celebrate "Rain."

Sarah had some paper waiting for such a project and created this one:

Rain by Sarah
(We also noted that she carried the theme forward for her Diva response this week. You never know where the inspiration will take you!)

Margaret got into the spirit of things and created TWO Bijoux!

Rain by Margaret
Freebird explained her inspiration came from her favorite movie for her beadwork:

Singing in the Rain
by Freebird

In Denmark it was raining, which helped to inspire Ann to tangle some zen:

by Ann

And our official response, imagining umbrellas viewed high above a palazzo:

Rain by

Hopefully we'll get that rain we need, just enough. In the meantime, we can sing and dance! And we can check out what else all these marvelous artists are doing--they are a creative bunch and multi-talented! Or, perhaps you can try your hand at the challenges!
Until next time....

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Rain on Me!

We have heard that the Navajo Nation have twenty words for "rain." We don't know about that, but there are plenty in the English language: rain, storm, downpours, drizzle, showers. There's fat rain that comes down in big splats; puddles, trickles and floods. There's lightning and thunder that can turn a simple rainstorm into something very spectacular.

Nice Lightning Storm One Night
Author Unknown
Here in Arizona, rain can become so rare that we all stop to watch. And because it rains in a big way when it does finally come, we have to stop what we're doing as we're not going anywhere for a while.
Last summer, we received thirteen inches of rain in August, more than the previous three years COMBINED. Let's just say it got a little too exciting at our place.
As we compose these notes a Pacific hurricane named Dolores is planning to visit and all the news is about the potential for rain. (She did wreck havoc elsewhere, but we didn't get much more than a few drops. And Humidity with a capital "H.").
But we digress.
One of our favorite artists creates amazing paintings that depict Arizona scenery and weather in abstract fashion. This is Ed Mell and this is his rendition of rain at the Grand Canyon:

Rain Spears
Ed Mell
For all the tangly people in our midst, there are "Rain" and "Msst," two official and weather-related tangles. CZT Jean Chaney and fellow Arizonan created this "monotangle" for "Rain" last May:

Diva Challenge 168--"Rain"
Jean Chaney/Tangle Street Studios
Provided with Permission, All Rights Reserved
Henri Cartier-Bresson photographed what he called, "the decisive moment." He caught plenty of Parisians jumping over puddles and you just KNOW they're going to get wet!

Behind the Gare Saint-Lazare
Henri Cartier-Bresson
We'll add one more inspirational work from Belarus-born Leonid Afremov:

We're pretty sure he uses ALL the crayons in the box, given the chance. 

Dig out YOUR crayons, pencils, markers or camera and show us your RAIN twinchies! 
Send them to:
by Tuesday, July 28 at 2PM Arizona Time. 
Usual parameters apply (see "The Rules" Any questions? send to same email).

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Week 9--Squirrel

If there's anything we can surmise from the art submissions this week is that we all have a love/hate relationship with squirrels. They're cute, furry little animals. They steal birdseed. They can be outright scary.
As we were putting together this post, this came in from the National Park Service:

Don't Mess with Texas

Sarah sent in her sentiments from Michigan:

In Denmark, Ann drew this cute critter:

Freebird stitched a squirrel with beads and sent it from Arkansas:

Biker Squirrel from
New York
This weeks creations were done with humor and talent. Be sure to check out each artist's blog, as there is always something going on, and in many different media and directions. Let them know you saw them here while you offer kind words and encouragement. 
Until next time....

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Saving Nuts for Winter

We love words that have several meanings and we especially crave those Internet searches that take us in crazy directions. Take for instance, this week's word: squirrel.

It's a noun, an animal. Everybody knows a squirrel when they see one, don't they?

Average Garden Variety Squirrel
When we travel to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon, we're always on the lookout for Kaibab squirrels to photograph. Those rascally rodents are elusive. And faaaaaast! Getting a photo of one is nearly impossible. This one is from the National Park Service:

Aberts squirrel with Pinecone
NPS/Public domain
Squirrel can be an adjective--you can be squirrelly, or unpredictable. Squirrel can be a verb--you can squirrel away some pennies for a rainy day, much like a squirrel hides acorns for winter.

Squirrels can be dinner, a thought that just has us running for the door. You can find squirrels at the zoo:
Squirrel Monkey
For whatever reason, these things remind us of Spongmonkeys, spokecritters for Quiznos, a sandwich shop. Go ahead, search for spongmonkeys and moon. It'll explain a lot. Maybe not very well, but it entered our family lexicon and sticks with us (how they ever sold sandwiches with these things is a matter of discussion for another day).

(No "e" in the middle)
And last but not least, the most famous squirrel of all:

Watch Me while I pull a
Rabbit out of my Hat!
That should be just enough to get the ol' creative juices flowing! Are YOU feeling squirrelly yet?
Send us your squirrels--you're not limited to how many you throw at us!
Email them to: 1xeritas@gmail.com by 2PM Tuesday, July 14. Submissions will be posted on this blog shortly thereafter.
If you wish, you can include a link to your blog post. We love to see what everybody is doing!