Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Week 4--Royal

We could not be happier for the British royal family, with the arrival of a daughter, Charlotte Elizabeth Diana to Will and Kate this past weekend. It's big doings for Windsor Castle as the princess will retain her succession rights even if they have another child (until now, all male children took precedence over their fair siblings).
Thus far, the participants of the TwobyTwo are all girls...so it's a big WOOHOO!

And without any further ado, the results from the "Royal" challenge:

From Zoe in Australia, who wishes everyone a winning hand:

A Hand-crafted Royal Flush
by Zoe
From Ann in Denmark, who created TWO TwobyTwos:

Royal Copenhagen's Blue Pattern and
a Royal ZIA
by Ann
From Sarah, Michigan/USA, who was also inspired to create TWO!

Two Zentangly Illustrations
by Sarah

JLJohnson created this collage with images from Realm Magazine:

Royal Collage
by JL
And TWO more from Cheryl, Arizona/USA:
Fleur de Lis and
Good to be King
by Cheryl
An effort fit for a king, or future queen, was made by all of the participants this week, don't you think? Be sure to visit each artist's blog to see what else they've been creating!
Until next time...


  1. Oh what fabulous and creative offerings! Everyone deserves a hand! Well done! Thanks for sharing!!

    1. Thank you for appreciating what these great artists are up to and sharing your thoughts. Welcome, as always!