Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Week 10--Rain

Let's start with some humor shall we?
If April showers bring May flowers, what do May flowers bring?
Maybe we should stick with making art, hmm?
While we're secretly praying for weather--here in Arizona there's a fine line between some rain and way too much--and keeping an eye on the sky, we're enjoying the work that our artists have created to celebrate "Rain."

Sarah had some paper waiting for such a project and created this one:

Rain by Sarah
(We also noted that she carried the theme forward for her Diva response this week. You never know where the inspiration will take you!)

Margaret got into the spirit of things and created TWO Bijoux!

Rain by Margaret
Freebird explained her inspiration came from her favorite movie for her beadwork:

Singing in the Rain
by Freebird

In Denmark it was raining, which helped to inspire Ann to tangle some zen:

by Ann

And our official response, imagining umbrellas viewed high above a palazzo:

Rain by

Hopefully we'll get that rain we need, just enough. In the meantime, we can sing and dance! And we can check out what else all these marvelous artists are doing--they are a creative bunch and multi-talented! Or, perhaps you can try your hand at the challenges!
Until next time....


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    1. Thank you, Margaret! You never know where the spirit may take you, yes? I liked the responses in Zentangle, all the patterns and colors are lovely. I like Freebird's beads as it's a personal statement. Thanks to you and everyone who participated! c