Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Week 11--China

This week's prompt offered many different ways to go, whether it be China with a big "C" or small. A LOT of choices!

Sarah got right to work and sent this from Michigan:
Chinese Character for
by Sarah Antoinette

Freebird drew inspiration from a photograph of a teacup for her lovely beadwork:

China Tea
by Freebird

And our official response:
Chinese Flower
by Cheryl
We are thrilled the artists are still working through the dog days of summer and vibrantly creating. Thank you to all the participants, the thinkers and the appreciators that get to see what's going on. Please check out what are artists are up to and tell them we sent you!
Until next time...


  1. You guys made some lovely China twinchies!
    I missed the deadline! I need to put this one under Monday instead of Tuesday! :)

    1. Dear Ann, please consider "just creating." Hate to think you missed it by just one day--you've done all the others! We are glad to have you participate, always!

  2. love all the twinchies great work everybody