Wednesday, October 7, 2015

It Depends on Your Definition

We have often ruminated on the testimony provided by then president William Jefferson Clinton during the Lewinsky trial. When asked if he had relations with Monica, he responded with, as best as we know, "It depends on what your definition of 'IS' is."

Bill Clinton
Official White House Photograph
Our take on it is, it either IS or it isn't, not much grey area there, right? Which, led us to the dictionary to find the definitions of "is," and we found there really is only ONE! "Is" is the third-person conjugation of "be," as in: he IS, she IS or it IS.
Not much to really figure out! But if you go further with the study, back to "be," things get more interesting.
First, you may consider one of Shakespear's most-quoted lines, as Hamlet asks himself if it is better "to be, or not to be. That is the question."

Edwin Booth as
by J. Gurney & Sons, 1870

You can find various philosophers that posit the essence of "being," but it was Rene Descartes that put forth, "Cogito, ergo sum," translated to "I think, therefore I am." Rodin created a beautiful sculpture to illustrate this concept.

The Thnker
In a variety of ways, we have seen this tripartite:

To Be is to Do--Socrates
To Do is to Be--Plato
Do be do be do--Sinatra

And from there, the opportunities to extrapolate are endless:

Scooby Doobee Doo!

Yabba Dabba Doo!

Hey, Boo Boo!
How about a Picnic Basket, Yogi?

Do be a Do Bee!

AND, last but not least:

Exactly! Now, go out and just make art, whatever YOUR definition of "IS" is!
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