Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Week 17--Nine-Patch

There's a chill in the air and what could be better than to crawl under a nice warm NINE-PATCH quilt with some hot beverage and a good read? To check out Nine-Patch art!

Margaret sent in these beautiful nine patches of nine patches from Saskatchewan:

Nine-Patch of Nine-Patch
by Margaret
AND she's raffling them off! That's NINE chances to win a lovely twinchie!
So, go to her blog and enter!

Freebird created hers and you'll have to read her blog to learn why this is not her favorite color combination! She found a  quilt pattern on-line and interpreted it in beads!

by Freebird
And our official response is a pieced patchwork just waiting to be included in a (much bigger) quilt!

by Cheryl
Thanks so much to the artists that participated and created beautiful teenie twinchies! Be sure to check out their blogs to see what else they've made--plenty of talent--and perhaps try your hand at it?

Until next time....


  1. Sorry I missed it guys! Was not feeling well again. I'll check out the list! Get my next 2x2 ready! Sarah.

    1. Aww, Sarah, I do hope you get feeling better! We all enjoy your contributions and interpretations and look forward to seeing what you do with the list! c

  2. love the work done this week, and I hope that Sarah feels better soon