Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Week 19--Tradition

Every culture, every community, every family has customs that bind them together. Some celebrate holidays, others the seasons. There are secular celebrations and others to honor a concept of a Higher Being, however that is described in ones life. There are those that mark life's milestones--from birth to death including the first day of school or passing a driver'license examination.

Freebird chose to expand on her family's tradition of serving in the United States military:

Tradition by
It is because of the sacrifices of our veterans that we enjoy the freedoms that we do here in the States.

We went with a personal ritual that we enjoy during the winter season:

What do you celebrate in Winter? (Or Summer in the southern hemisphere?) What traditions do you carry on in your family? Share your thoughts with us!
Until next time....


  1. Like your eggnog idea, I actually had eggnog last week at walmart LOL they had a free sample. Was kinda nice. Not a big fan of egg but it was nice lol

    1. I know it's not your thing, but rum goes great with eggnog! Do you know the SNL skit with Steve Martin and Paul Simon. Uncle Walt, you forgot to get the eggnog?! Funny stuff, that! c