Thursday, September 29, 2016

Person, Place and Thing

We love words that can have different meanings; words that can be nouns or verbs and are very useful for colorful language.

Take "copper."

It can be an animal: copper butterfly or copperhead snake.

It can be mineral; it is elemental after all.

It's not a vegetable, but the moniker can be applied to certain persons that are responsible for keeping the peace. We're not making a political statement, far from it. My father-in-law was a police officer for 40 years and very much disliked being called a "cop."

There's a television show called, "Copper." We haven't seen it.

Copper can be very exciting! It is very good at conducting electricity and it's responsible for moving a LOT of water.

As a salt, it's a semi-precious gemstone in a lovely shade of turquoise.

It can also show up in your pockets as money!

Now, how will it show up in your art?

Show us your copper twinchies! Send images to by 2 PM, Tuesday, October 4, 2016, along with anything you'd like to say about it and any linky-dinks. We'll post the goodies later the same day!

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