Wednesday, January 18, 2017

As Luck would have it

If you are fortunate, you are lucky. If you have a fortune, you are wealthy in the material sense or you're reading a magazine that you hope will get you there.
If you find yourself in Fortune, you could be in Arkansas, California, Newfoundland or the Philippines.
Or you could be a soldier of Fortune, an adventurer with your own magazine, (with what seems like a lot of weapons involved). Did you know that the boat on a second trip to deliver more Pilgrims to the Plymouth Colony in 1621 was called "Fortune?" Neither did I (and it's history is not very fortunate).
Perhaps you just opened your Chinese cookie. Now we're getting somewhere.

Next week and for a couple more weeks is the celebration of the Chinese New Year. The Chinese calendar follows the lunar cycles, so it's a movable holiday (this year starting January 27 or 28 depending on where on the planet you live) and involves a lot of noise-making and fireworks.
And with any luck, fortune cookies!
Have some fun with your art and show us your "fortune" twinchies! Send them to by 2PM Tuesday, January 23, 2017 and we'll post them later the same day. Share with us any insight into the inspiration and blog links. And share the fun!

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  1. I hate the taste of fortune cookies but I do love that little fortune lol