Wednesday, February 15, 2017

We Ain't Lyin'

That is the most garbled heading I think I've ever come up with--truly butchering the English language. But I think you catch our drift--we are not lions, "Lion" being the word-of-the-week.
We love the big cats and on the bucket list of trips is an African safari to see them up close. The nearest we can get until then are the cats at the zoo.

Henry, 1996-2014
Henry Vilas Zoo, Wisconsin
We did have a close encounter with a mountain lion in very suburban Anthem while driving the parkway one night. It was much bigger than we had thought and we were glad that a) we were securely ensconced in our automobile and b) we didn't meet by accident.

Here's a familiar lion:

And here's one we remember from childhood:

And who doesn't recognize this guy:

Love the bow!

Show us your lion twinchies! Send images of your two-inch creations to by 2PM Tuesday, February 21, 2017 along with your links and notes and we'll post them later the same day. Thanks for participating and spreading the word!

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  1. Dont know the white lion but the rest are great. Lion was my late husband's favorite animal. This one will be special