Tuesday, June 6, 2017


This all started out innocently enough, really it did. What bad could possibly come from a topic such as a raspberry?

From the Fresh Produce Group of the US
Don't they just look wonderful? Nice and yummy?

Then we learned about a very "basic" computer, the Raspberry Pi. The latest is the size of a business card and has 1G of RAM. Basic, they say!

Raspberry Logo by
Adafruit UK
Then we thought of blowing raspberries. You know? The sound Edith Ann used to make on Laugh In? Sure, you know the one! It has an official name now, that's called a "zerbert," not to be confused with sherbet. Really.

Lily Tomlin as
Edith Ann
Then we tried to bring it back around as the Zentangle world has it's Bronx Cheer. The raspberry is supposed to cover up mistakes. I never quite understood that, as it seems to bring attention to where there must've been a boo-boo in an art form that supposedly has no mistakes. Huh?

The Official Instructions for a
Bronx Cheer
Copyright, Zentangle.com
Still looks scrumptious.
And that's the truth. Pffffft.
So send in your raspberries to 1xeritas@gmail.com and we'll get them posted.

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  1. Love all the raspberries! I always loved Edith Ann. Wish I had gotten mine done in time.