Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Week 3--Georgia

You just never know how the mood will strike--or when. The word for this week was "Georgia." If you've been singing "Georgia on my Mind" all week, you are not alone!

Ann from Denmark sent a lovely watercolor with glittery gelly roll accents:

Georgia on my Mind
by Ann

You can see all her creativity on her blog. (Ann is quite multi-talented; we really like what she's been crocheting lately).

Well that's just Peachy
by Cheryl

Sonya Rose after Georgia O'Keefe
by Cheryl
These are our attempts. If the printer feels like printing today, they'll become fridge magnets. (If not, they're still here and here for the enjoyment of all!)
Thanks for visiting. What do YOU see when Georgia's on YOUR mind? Until next time....

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