Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Georgia on my Mind

We just love words that have multiple meanings. There's a name for words that can have different definitions depending on whether they are Capital Letter Important Proper Nouns or lower case nouns, but for our life can't remember what that is.
For instance--the difference between China, capital "C" and china, lower case "c." 
We're not sure where Georgia fits in on all that as all the examples we found for inspiration were all proper nouns, but the word evokes many possibilities. (And don't think that we won't be visiting China/china in the near future!)
When we think of Georgia, the American state, our first thought is peaches! They can grow here in the desert Southwest, but we haven't tried that yet. But Georgia is proud of their fruit. And they should be!
Then there's the landscapes of the low country; old plantations on the Atlantic coast with oak trees spilling Spanish moss from their branches:

On the other side of the world is a totally different Georgia, part of what used to be the USSR:

As artists living in the desert Southwest, we can't ignore Georgia O'Keefe. She has quite an extensive portfolio of work and is mostly known for her flowers. We picked this one as it grows in our yard:
Trumpet Flower
(By the way, that's the bloom of the Sacred Datura. Every bit of it is poisonous. Pretty, deadly).

And if you've been humming along to the song like we have, the question is whose version? Ray Charles made it famous, but it's the gravely voice of Willie Nelson we hear! 
What are you thinking when you have Georgia on YOUR mind? Share your "Georgia" twinchies!

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  1. Oh I love all the "Georgias" you came up with. When I hear the word I think of a woman I once knew who hated the name because her husband left her for a woman named ... yep, you guessed it ... Georgia!

    1. I'm so glad you like our inspirations! You never know how the brain works. I'm sorry about your friend; life can take miserable turns. Hopefully, time has healed her. Thank you for taking the time to visit and to deem this worthy of comment.

  2. Love your images, will try to participate in challenge next week.

    1. Thank you, JL! I'm thrilled that you are interested in participating and can't wait to see how the spirit moves you!