Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Single Cell Science

You ever start on an internet search, wander down a rabbit hole and wonder how you got to where you are?
Oh, yeah! Happens all the time, right?!
Well, the investigation for "Amoeba" was like that.
When I was in high school and college, I studied a variety of sciences. In the field of biology, the science of life, you start with the simplest of organisms: amoeba, a single-cell organism.

Amoeba proteus
On the internet, you start with a simple search for life on Google or Wikipedia, right? Well, that's when things got really strange!
Originally the cell was named, "Proteus," after the Greek god of the sea, for it's shape-shifting capabilities.
Woodcut by Jorg Breu
Book of Emblems by Andrea Alciato (1531)
There is a video game and even a Marvel Comic villan called "Proteus" plus an "Amoeba" lifestyle for the game "Endless Space," which looks really cool:

For the tanglers amongst us, there is a pattern called "Amoeba," by Linda Dawson, which you can see on the amazing resource, Tanglepatterns.com. But we think the farthest off-base we ended up was at "Amoeba Music" in Hollywood, in their famous, but previously unbeknownst to us, elevator:

Amoeba Music
Hopefully the elevator will take us to where we wanted to go because we are far from home!
Ah, yes...this is where we started!
Ameba (sic)
Attributed to Alexander Soloviev
Ownership of image could not be confirmed
How do YOU define "Amoeba?" Seems to us that just about anything goes!

Send your amoebas to:
1xeritas@gmail.com by June 14, 2015 at 2PM Arizona time.  We know, that's a SUNDAY, this time. Creations will still post on Tuesday.
Thank you in advance for participating and creating. Spread the word so more artists can try their hands at the TwobyTwobyTuesday art challenge.

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