Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Week 7--Amoeba

Zentangle figured prominently in the responses to this week's challenge of "Amoeba," and a few of the responses broke out in color!

First in from Sarah in Michigan, this interesting couple:
His and Hers Amoebas
by Sarah
Next, a warm welcome to Margaret, CZT from Canada! She was inspired to create not just un, not deux , but trois Bijoux, the perfect little Zentangle tiles:

Amoeba x Three
by Margaret
This offering came from Ann in Denmark:

by Ann
Freebird stitched her interpretation with happy coloured beads!

And our official responses:
Amoeba 001
Amoeba 002
by Cheryl
If there appear to be similarities between some of these teenie artworks, it's possible that the artists started with Amoeba on Tanglepatterns.com. Be sure to check it out and the blogs of the various artists presented here. Messages left here can be passed along to the individuals or the group at large and are greatly appreciated. Pass the word along so more can participate. And perhaps try the challenge yourself? 
Until next time....


  1. This is a gorgeous topic and everyone's amoebas are just so elegant. Hope to join you guys with a twinchie in the near future.

    1. Thank you, Zoe for your kind thoughts. For everyone involved with the Twobytwo, thanks! Look forward to your future contributions.

  2. Lovely amoebas! What a great fun topic!

    1. Thank you very much, Heather! Come join the fun!

  3. Love all the interpretations. I almost put a face on mine as well!

  4. Everyone's turned out fun and I almost feel like tangling an amoeba after seeing these! I love the beadwork as well but am not talented in that form of art. (Beautiful, freebird7100!).