Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Calendar and Unicorns

This year, 2016, is a leap year in the Gregorian calendar. That means an extra day, the leap day of February 29, is added to make sure the calendar stays in sync with the rotations of our planet around the sun.

Cultures that mark their own years, such as in the Chinese and Jewish calendars, have a variety of different ways of making up for lost time. Very interesting stuff.
Add a day here, add a month there....

You can take a leap of faith.


And there's this cute saying.

That's a very keen observation, don't you think?

You can play leap frog (just stay away from the unicorns!)

Or Leap Frog

You can make decisions with a Leap or Jump Mat--kind of like a Magic 8 Ball for your feet

Or you can take one small step and it becomes a giant leap for all mankind.

What kind of art will you leap into?

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