Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Warm and Fuzzy

There's nothing quite like a cozy sweater n a cold winter's day, except perhaps hot chocolate with marshmallows.
But that's something altogether different. Let's get back to the sweaters. (And we're not talking people who perspire, that would be really different. Ah, the English language! How easy it is to mutilate!)

There are Fair Isle sweaters:

And there are Aran sweaters:

And we learned that there are meanings behind the various patterns. We just thought these things were impossibly difficult to knit.

And we're not quite sure about the Ugly Christmas Sweater craze, other than it's an excuse for a party.

All we can say about THAT is WOW! Full disclosure: we have our share of outrageous sweaters from the 80's that can now claim honors at that kind of party.

Whatever your fancy, let's see some pretty sweaters in miniature! Send your twinchies to: by 2PM Arizona time, Tuesday, February 9, 2016 along with blog linkies or notes on your inspiration. We'll post them later that day for all the world to see!

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