Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Hearts all Year Long

Why does February get all the hearts and flowers? Why not all year long? The overload of pink and red Valentines just makes us cringe sometimes. What if all that LOVE was spaced out on the calendar?

Here's a heart made of out hearts:

If we were playing poker, this might be the winning hand!

Supposedly, this means good fortune in love, the union of two hearts.

Which brings us to cringe-worthy Eighties big hair and....

You have to see the video. OMG!

Which makes this story all the more hysterical and makes sense of the first set of photographs.

And if that doesn't make you laugh, perhaps this will:

The Open Country of
A Woman's Heart
Depicted on this map are "the facilities and dangers to Traveler's" of a woman's heart. To which we say, "Good luck."

Show us your heart twinchies!
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