Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Call it What You Will

With apologies to Annette Carlo, one of the first artists we've met that quill.

We have to apologize to artists everywhere as we snuck "quill" on the list as we thought it might be a handcraft that we'd like to try.

But really, our first thought was a creature that only a mother could love:

Very difficult to hug, we imagine. The internet thingie is full of images of people that thought they could get friendly with a porcupine. Were they ever wrong!


Native Americans of the Northern Plains use porcupine quills to create quillwork. It looks like flat beads, but the quills are dyed then wrapped and woven around ropes and reeds:

Then, there is quilling, the art of wrapping paper into coils and other patterns. It was considered a very popular past-time for the delicate creatures, ladies of leisure (!).

An artist we have met in the blogosphere concentrates her art on quilling. Zoe has allowed us to share this image, representative of her work:

We also follow the work of Kia, another quiller.

This year, the United States heart stamp art was created by a quiller, Yulia Brodskaya

You could just use a quill for calligraphy or fancy handwriting:

Write the novel of the century:

Or just create a fine signature that will be recognized the world over:

Maybe yours, too, could be worth millions someday!

Show us your quill-related twinchies!

Send your images to by 2 PM Tuesday, October 18, 2016 along with blog links or notes and we'll post the entries later the same day. See "The Rules" for more information. Thanks for participating, even by way of checking out the "inspiration."


  1. Cheryl, you are totally gorgeous! Thank you for plugging my work.

    1. P.S. This is a beautiful post - exactly all the stuff you get when I google 'quilling'.

    2. You are welcome, thank you for letting us borrow your work, Zoe. We try to create a complete picture of the word-of-the-week without wringing all the creativity out of it, with extra emphasis on the oddly endearing or endearingly odd. c

  2. Love all the quilling work. Zoe and Kia are awesome at it.