Tuesday, October 25, 2016

O, What a Tangled Web!

And so begins a poem by Walter Scott from 1806.

It is a fitting title for a blog on the internet or attempting to create decorations for Hallowe'en celebrations...or, to create itty bitty art masterpieces!

You can have a spider web that's pretty and tangled up

You can be "Tangled up in Blue:"

Nobel Poet, Bob Dylan
You can have a tangled mess of earbuds:

Or Christmas lights

If you a tangler, your very art is tangled (shameless personal plug here):

There's plenty of inspiration out there for that kind of thing!

Show us your "tangled" art. We could be "Tangled up in You!"

Send your artwork to:  1xeritas@gmail.com by 2PM, November 1, 2016, along with blog links and/or notes of inspiration. We'll post them later the same day!

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