Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Week 43--Tangled

The work this week is "tangled," no less to honor the howling days of Hallowe'en and Dia de Los Muertes than any other reason to be creative.

I'll be running solo this week. Here is the official response to this week's challenge:

You can check out this blog post for more particulars on the collage and more, including my recipe for spaghetti sauce. Inspiration is where you find it, right?

Meanwhile, send out prayers and good vibes to Freebird.

Update, November 15, 2016:
Freebird's contribution to this challenge:

Until next time...


  1. Thanks, meant alot to me that you did this for me

    1. With love and concern for you and your family. Hope you are well. Look forward to seeing you back in bead action! c