Wednesday, December 7, 2016

It's Good to be King!

Dear Gentle Readers and Artists,
My apologies for delayed postings. There have been some technical difficulties (and a lot of wasted hours) resulting from the Google virus attack. I believe everything is back to normal and up-to-date. We resume our regularly scheduled programming with this (and be sure to check out the other posts).

When the TwobyTwo for "king" popped up no the radar, we immediately thought of the Mel Brooks movie.

From the Official
Movie Poster
But, we'll steer clear of that and keep this family-friendly, shall we?

There's a future king who's a real cutie:

Daily Express
There were three kings that traveled a-far:

There was a king from afar:

King Tut
And a king that was "far out."

Steve Martin as King Tut
A Wild and Crazy Guy
Saturday Night Live, 1978
What is a king without a crown?

Don King
Oh, what were YOU thinking?

How about this? You can be king for a day and the mantle is light!

Show us your "king-ly" twinchies!
Send your images to: 1 xeritas @ gmail. com along with a blog link or note by 2PM, Tuesday, December 13, 2016 and we'll post them later the same day (as long as those Googligans stay out of our computer!).
Have a brilliant day.

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  1. so so glad you are back! I will start working on my Twinchie tonight YAY!