Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Most Pressing

What with all the holiday activities, it's hard to take a moment and just...breathe. Isn't it?

This week's topic is "fairies," the mystical, magical creatures. The idea grew out of book in our library, Lady Cottington's Pressed Fairies. It's a collection of sometimes scary, always amusing, images of what the little winged things would look if they were smushed between the pages of a book. My sister gave it to me for Christmas many moons ago and it's...interesting.

According to the all-knowing Wikipedia, in 1828, Thomas Keightley described fairies as women who "knew the virtues and powers of words, stones and herbs."

Thus, give us your fairies twinchies! Pursue the powers of herbs, stones and...words! Lofty goals, yes? Also, consider a teenie donation to Wikipedia, a non-profit encyclopedia, to help them keep the gears grinding and the home fires burning.

Get your goodies to us on or about 2PM Tuesday, December 27, 2016! Send them to 1xeritas@gmail.com along with notes, ideas, inspirations and blog links, and we'll post the art--our last of this year!-- later that day.

Thank you for your participation and for stopping by. May the spirit of the season be your guiding inspiration, always.

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