Tuesday, September 15, 2015

It's Almost my Birthday!

Gil's fifty-one year-old sister has Down's Syndrome. Her birthday is in June and she'll remind you every single day that it's, "almost June." And every day after her birthday means that it's almost her birthday.

Even if it's 364 days away.

My children are both August babies and then there are just a slew of them in the family one right after another...and then there's mine. After six weeks of cake (and pizza or pizza and cake...), it's time for something different.
Growing up in New Jersey, there was really only one answer: apple pie!

From the foodnetwork.ca
Thankfully, Gil is a baker and makes a mean apple pie! Because it's still summer in Phoenix, we're not cranking the oven up until about Thanksgiving. But, it's so good, I can wait!
In the meantime, we can dream of cakes!

(If we did that, we'd burn the house down!)
Or we can draw visions of cake! Or for the tanglers in the bunch, "Cayke, " by Rose Brown
The closest I can get to attribution of the art is via tanglepatterns.com, THE repository for Zentangle patterns, and Linda Farmer has done a nice interpretation there. I found this blog post by "Trish," as illustration:
Cayke Walk
by Trish
Hearts and flowers! How sweet!
So...how do you celebrate YOUR birthday? What kind of cake do you like? 
And more importantly, is there vanilla ice cream involved?!

Show us your "Cake" twinchies! Send them to:
1xeritas@gmail.com by 2PM Tuesday, September 22, 2015. 


  1. I love cake! But more than cake I love cake and ice cream mixed together, it looks kinda icky when mashed together but it is sooooo good! My favorite is marble pound cake and vanilla ice cream mashed together. Yummm! For my kids birthday I always make/get a cake that they want and take them out to dinner where ever they want. For my son it is usually cheesecake and Chinese and my daughter it is any cake that she can get her hands on and pizza,

  2. Yup cake and pizza for my kids, but the Chinese and cheesecake works for me! Gil makes a mean cheesecake, with cinnamon chips. I'm not even allowed to see the recipe--it's a secret! I can soooo imagine cake and ice cream mashed together. My son likes his ice cream to melt into a "soup." Still yummy!