Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Week 14--Cake

Our inbox has been filled with delightful stories and some very yummy offerings.

Ann in Denmark got her daughter involved--while Ann drew her twinchie, her soon-to-be ten year-old daughter actually baked a cake! She said by the time she finished drawing, the house smelled heavenly. YUM!

by Ann
Sarah shared this story from Michigan:

This year a very special thing happened while at lunch on my birthday. An older lady was having her birthday at the restaurant with a group of people. She was in her late 70's, and I was turning 38. I waved at her and wished her a happy birthday and said 'me too!' And she smiled. A half hour later one of the older ladies friends brings my Mom and I each a piece of coconut cream cake. 
I will treasure that moment as I said thank you, and the old lady waved and smiled. Definitely the best birthday cake ever. 

by Sarah

From Arkansas, Freebird sent a slightly off-centered wedding cake:

by Freebird
Our official response to the challenge is:

by Cheryl
This weeks offerings made us very hungry! It just happens to be a birthday WEEK in our house, but EVERY day is cause for celebration, isn't it?
Be sure to check out what all of these talented artists are doing--it's typically a LOT! And join in the fun, won't you?
Until next time....Let them eat CAKE!


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    1. The creations are just wonderful, aren't they? And some are tasty treats, too! It has been fun to read the stories that are the inspiration that become the art. c