Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Week 13--Treasure

We're always thrilled to see what goodies are dropped into our inbox! It's like a little treasure trove of artful goodness. And the stories that are sent along, just warm our collective hearts!
Zoe sent this message from Australia a couple weeks ago, compelled to tell her story,

My husband is my only treasure, hence the twinchie. I marbled the paper with gold acrylics. Our actual wedding rings are made from surgical steel. We picked them up at a local market a few days after the registry office.  LOL.
This twinchie will  be incorporated into a slightly bigger piece that I will publish the same day (or just after) this twinchie is published.
by Zoe
Sarah in Michigan was quite philosophical as well:

My love of faith, God and His Words:

by Sarah
Ann in Denmark sent her treasure chest full of goodies (and you can see all her other twinchies on her blog; she's done them all! Yo! Ho! Ho!):

by Ann
From Arkansas, Freebird sent us a treasure map made out of little treasure beads, saying,
I decided to make a treasure map, this one shows a ship, forest, housing, water and of course the big red "X"
by Freebird
And we were feeling a little philosophical ourselves, She is Wisdom is the desire you seek:

She is Wisdom
by Cheryl
These are all lovely thoughts and great interpretations on the theme, don't you think? We are grateful for the participating artists; please take a moment to check out their work and let them know what you think! Or perhaps join in on the fun...!
Until next time....


  1. Love all of these, so many great interpretations!

  2. Thanks, Freebird! Isn't it wonderful how many different directions this little project can take? It's like a treasure map unto itself, going all over the place!