Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Aren't You Glad?

We're trying to keep it easy as we get settled into Year Two of the Two by Two by Tuesday art challenge. This week it's all about ORANGE!

Orange is a color. In color theory, it's the mix of the primaries yellow and red and can vary considerably from a light yellow orange to a deep coral or even an almost brown hue. On the color wheel, it is the complement to blue.

From NHS Designs

You know the color as it is the color of oranges. If you stop by our house, you may leave with some. (And grapefruit. Lots of grapefruits this year!)

Some of Last Year's Harvest
by Cheryl
The impressionist painter Gustave Caillebote created this painting of his cousin tending to "Les Orangers" while his brother read the paper:

Les Orangers, 1878
While we were putting together this post we found that, Certified Zentangle Teacher Adele Bruno has created a new tangle that she calls, Citrus. She graciously allowed us to share this here:

Citrus by
Adele Bruno
You can see the steps to draw this pattern on her blog, It's a String Thing, which is a different kind of art challenge. 

Orange used to be a mobile telephone service provider in the UK:

And it's the new Black:

Season One Cast
"Orange is the New Black"
It's a vibrant sunset and a restaurant:

Orange Sky
But most importantly, it's part of the best Knock-Knock joke. Ever.

Knock, Knock.
Who's there?

Won't you send us your "orange" twinchies?
Deadline for submissions is 2 PM Arizona time, Tuesday, April 5, 2016.
Send your images to 1xeritas@gmail.com along with links to your blog and/or any comments about your inspiration that you may wish to share. We'll post all art work shortly thereafter. 
Thanks in advance for your participation and spread the word!


  1. Love this post! A few years ago I started to like orange, it was always a color that I did not like, now it is a favorite. LOL also years ago it was a theme in EIM and I did the joke as my inchie. I beaded the orange colored word "Glad" as in Orange you glad lol This one is gonna be fun!

    1. It always is, but this one is going to be a laugh riot!