Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Year Two Begins, Week 27--Zodiac

A whole year of twinchies! To celebrate the chosen prompt to start off the new year is, "Zodiac." It's a nod to everyones' birthdays. Sorry for the delay in posting this on a WEDNESDAY! What should have been a routine trip to get x-rays on the arm--which is healing nicely--turned into a day-long excursion!

The first one to arrive was from Tina in Germany, who drew a tiger for her Chinese sign balancing weights for her Astrological sign:

Tina Zodiac
Tiger and Libra
Freebird is in the midst of a house renovation, but did not want to miss the deadline, so she sent along the pattern for her beadwork yet-to-be:

Freebird Zodiac
Astrological Symbols for Her
and Her Children
Looks real enough to our eyes! NB: Freebird has done every single TwobyTwo thus far! Woohoo!

And our official response is a take on Libra, an Air sign:

Cheryl Zodiac
A BIG thanks to the participants and to the supporters of this art blog! We hope you enjoy what you see, visit the artists' pages and let them know you like what they are doing. And, perhaps, try your own hand at twinchie art!
Until next time....


  1. Thanks so much for this challenge I really love it. I was so sad that I could not get to my twinchie this week. I love your twinchie! Such beautiful colors

    1. I know you'll be doing it, so I'm not worried. Glad you love the blog and have participated. Every. Single. Week! c