Tuesday, March 15, 2016

What's Your Sign?

First off, it's a birthday celebration here at the Two by Two--this art challenge blog is officially one-year old! So we have a birthday kind of theme this time around: YOURS!

If you lived through the Seventies, you survived Nehru jackets, madras plaid, bell bottoms, macrame and tie dye.
Then you were subjected to disco, qiana (the fabric, not the model) and mile-high hair. But that's a discussion for a different day.
Back to the '70's, perhaps the lamest pick-up line of all time is, "What's your sign?"
In astrology, how the stars aligned at the moment of your birth defines who you are and who you will become. (And, by extension, who you are compatible with).

There is the zodiac based on 12 constellations:

There's also a different way of looking at the stars in the Southern hemisphere:
Sun signs of the Southern Hemisphereby Alice Portman

The Chinese zodiac based on which year you were born:

There is a Celtic calendar:

Answers the age-old question:
"If you were a Tree,
What wood you be?"
There are rocks and flowers associated with your birth-month:

And planets:

All divided by the elements, earth, wind, fire...

And water. (Oops, got side-tracked again!)

We like this Nerd zodiac:

Or this emoji one:

Which brings us to this totally cute Zodiac:

So, do tell: What IS YOUR sign? Show us your twinchies!
Send images of your artwork to 1xeritas@gmail.com by 2PM Arizona time, Tuesday, March 22, 2016. [N.B. Arizona does not observe daylight savings time, so you have an extra hour now!] We'll post the responses later the same day.
Come back next week and see the signs!

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