Tuesday, May 10, 2016


If you've been on the Internet any time in the last ten years or so, you must have received an email that noted that "A duck's quack doesn't echo and no one knows why?"

Sound familiar?
We always suspected it was because of the way you'd have to breathe IN to create a "quack," and therefore no reverberation, but we're not scientists.
It's probably a good thing.

Well, come to find out that something passed along on the Internet is NOT TRUE. (How can that be?!!)
The trusty folks at The University of Salford, Manchester (UK) did a bunch of experiments and recorded a duck singing Christmas carols. Oh, and the echoes of duck quacks.

Here's a simpler explanation, because the other makes our head hurt.

And here's a great place to hear echoes:

If you're ever in the neighborhood for Easter Sunday, they hold an ecumenical service at sunrise. It's cold and it's crowded, but the sound! They play and sing hymns and spirituals from all over the planet and they have what must be the world's largest speaker system.
Put it on your bucket list, it's absolutely amazing! No matter your religious affiliation or inclination, it is worth getting up before you go to bed to be there.

(And if you check out that link to the 37 Amazing Photos of the Grand Canyon, I can tell you which ones are NOT at the canyon, or even in Arizona!)

Here are some guys that just plain make a lot of racket:

These are a LOT cuter:

Julian Wolkenstein has made an art project out of visual echoes--dividing a face into two even halves and then making portraits of each half. (There's even an app for that!) The premise of echoism is that a person with a more symmetrical face--where the two resulting portraits are most similar--are more appealing.

We remember having an art project in grammar school where we used magazine advertisements, cut the faces in half and drew the mirror image as our introduction to echoism.

For tangly people everywhere, there is, "Echoism," an official Zentangle tangle. Essentially, it's one continuous cursive "L."

Echoism by Holly
Copyright, ha! Designs
For further exploration of the pattern, see Margaret Bremner's post.  It echoes and then some! If THAT'S not enough inspiration, see the results of Adele Bruno's recent challenge.

Show us your echoes!

Send your twinchie images to: 1xeritas@gmail.com by 2 P.M. Arizona Time, Tuesday, May 17, 2016. Include any notes and blog links. We'll post them later the same day.

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