Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Week 31--Echo

Oh, this was a toughie: how do you creatively illustrate a sound? AND keep it to a diminutive size? We think the artists handled this challenge bravely and admirably. For the visual "Echoes:"

First, Freebird created this in beads. She explains: "It was a picture I saw online that was made to convey 2 echos hitting one another.  I just loved the colors on it." 

Echo by

It's a very bold graphic in bright colors, isn't it? We appreciate that Freebird has completed each and every challenge thus far. And she's our best cheerleader. A big woohoo for Freebird!

And a big welcome back to Sarah! She promised to return once she took care of some health issues and true to her word, here she is:

Echo by
In her own words, "I tangled Opus, which reminds me of a musical score to a symphonic piece or just in its form as a tangle how it undulates and repeats." 

Also a bold representation with color and a single tangle, this just sings!

Our official response is part of a larger composition, six twinchies in all, based on the tangle "Echoism." This looks like a pair of Emperor penguins to us:

Echo by

Thanks for visiting and don't forget to visit the artist blogs to see what all they've been up to and offer kind words of encouragement. Let them know you saw them here! And perhaps? Try your own hand at TwobyTwo art!?

Until next time....


  1. I think this had to be the hardest one yet and I love the results! We really had to put our thinking caps on. Great creativity, my friends! Cheryl

  2. I did really love this one and I love being the head cheerleader LOL If only ppl from my high school could see me now.

    1. Rah Rah, Sis Boom Bah! Let them eat their hearts out! c