Tuesday, May 24, 2016

A Blanket Statement

We love blankets! Don't you? A nice, warm fuzzy wrapped around on a cool night or curl up under a blanket on a cold, rainy day, tea and an equally steamy novel? Or is that an unfounded blanket statement, an over-generalization, perhaps even an exaggeration?
And does that even translate from English?

If you follow "Life in Pictures," you know that "woobies" are part of our culture here at home. Everyone deserves one:

No. 510
So a blanket can mean security:
Linus and his
In more ways than one:

Blanket Insurance Policy
Covers more than one Property
A blanket can be purely decorative:

Pendleton Seminole
Or was valuable for trade:
Pendleton Glacier National Park
Five Stripe Blanket
These types of blankets had stripes to indicate their worth in trade for fur pelts, mostly beaver, in the nineteenth century.

Some are meant to be worn:

Army Poncho Liner
Affectionately Called a

Mexican Serape Costume
And can be plugged in:

Chilly Willy
It inspired it's own stitch to keep it all together:

And is the source of inspiration for Dale Chihuly''s glass works:

Dale Chihuly's
Pendleton Blanket Collection
Chihuly Glass Museum and Gardens
Seattle, Washington
Which inspired him to make this?

Fiori di Como by
Dale Chihuly
Bellagio Hotel
Las Vegas, Nevada
Wherever you find YOUR inspiration, show us your Blanket twinchies! Send photos to:
1xeritas@gmail.com by 2PM Tuesday, May 31, 2016. We'll post them later the same day. Include any notes and links to blogs or what-have-yous. 


  1. love all the blankets, love the Native blankets. They are always so simple but so beautiful. Made my beautiful hands

    1. I once had the opportunity to buy a Tree of Life blanket with just hummingbirds on it, including some metallic threads. It was visually scrumptious, but at the time outside my budget.
      One of those shouldas in life. c