Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Victory is for Winners!

You know that feeling of accomplishment? That you have won?

The opponent may be only yourself, but you feel glorious?

In the battle, it's important to believe that you shall win or, as they say, you've already lost. This lady lost her clothes. Maybe it's no secret.

 Which may be frowned upon by this establishment:

"We" are not amused!
This funny guy felt victorious:

It may have had something to do with:

This also goes by the name "Victory:"

As does this bunch:

Somehow we're feeling really, really old over that one. Yet, we weren't around for this:

Show us your winning twinchies for "Victory." We promise not to do the Gatorade dump. 

Send your two by two inch art to: by 2 PM on Tuesday, June 28, 2016 along with any appropriate blog links or notes of inspiration. The images will be posted later the same day.

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