Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Week 57--Garden

Life is wonderful when you attack it with gusto and a fair amount of humor. This week's entries are a case study in wonderful.

From Arkansas, Freebird sent this offering in her trademark beads. She wrote:

Happy belated Mothers day, hope yours was a good one.  I chilled out and beaded me a garden! But I went different (as always) for this weeks theme.  I am not a flower garden kinda person.  I don't mind flowers, they are pretty but if I don't get flowers for Mother's day or my birthday it does not bother me.  Because I have an uncanny ability to kill any plant by looking at it!  At least it seems that way.  LOL  

So for this week's theme I decided to think of a big-sized garden.  The Garden State.  New Jersey! You can thank hockey for giving me the idea!  I was watching a game and the announcer commented on the fact that The New Jersey Devils were from the Garden state! 

We find that hilarious as we are from the Garden State. New Jersey has two personalities, North, near New York City and South, near Philadelphia. The Jersey Devils are based out of Newark, which is in North Jersey. Being from South Jersey, we grew up on the Philadelphia Flyers, particularly the Broad Street Bullies--Bobby Clark and Bernie Parent--that won the Stanley Cup in the Seventies. You see, we're hockey fans, too! And it's the Stanley Cup playoffs right now!

Our offering is intended to be humorous. If I'm getting blamed for something that has shared responsibility, I say, "Here, Have an apple." This modern Eve has an apple on an Apple.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out the garden entries. Be sure to check out the artists' blogs and perhaps? Try your hand at the TwobyTwo!
Until next time....

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  1. Love your twinchie! What a great idea for it! Love that you love hockey. Now that my team is out of the running I am rooting for the Pens, we will see how that goes lol